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In Peru, it is advisable to exchange currency in banks or reputable currency exchange providers. Carrying out these types of transactions in the street can be dangerous in certain parts of the country. We strongly suggest you pay close attention so as not to be taken advantage of with false currency, be it in soles, American dollars or Eurodollars. Hotels and restaurants generally offer lower exchange rates which is often not convenient.

Three types of currency are currently widely used in Peru : the national currency, the Nuevo Sol, American dollars and Eurodollars. The latter two are widely used in most tourist locations, although the exchange rate is subject to frequent variations.

Currently, the approximate exchange rates are as follows:

$1.00 American Dollar is equivalent to S/. 3.18 Nuevos Soles

E/ 1.00 Eurodollar is equivalent to S/. 3.76 Nuevos Soles

Having small change and bills in soles on hand is advisable, since many service providers do not always have change available. Only accept bills in good condition, whether in soles, dollars or eurodollars. Make sure they are not torn, stained, burnt or old, since service providers, currency exchange agencies and banks do not accept them.


The most frequently accepted card in Peru is VISA, followed by MASTERCARD. Both are your best options for obtaining cash quickly thought ATM, since most banks are affiliated to the Plus System. ATM usage is not limited to these two cards. It is possible to find others that accept STAR, CIRRUS and INTERLINK which does not frequently occur with DINER'S CLUB and AMERICAN EXPRESS. The disadvantage of using a debit or credit card is that some stores, hotels and restaurants charge an additional 8% to the final cost for service charges.

Travelers' checks are always an advantage for safety reasons, although it is sometimes difficult to cash them, since bank policy requires this transaction be done in person. For this reason, many currency exchange agencies and companies do not accept them. Furthermore, the exchange rate can be up to ten times lower than that of the American dollar rate.

In case of loss or theft, these are some customer service numbers in Peru .

- To cancel Travelers' Checks

THOMAS COOK : 01-241-5567 and 01- 444-5175.

- Credit card information

AMERICAN EXPRESS : 001-800-8602908.


01-242-2975 and 001-800-4281858.



01-424-9066 or (525) 326-2660 collect call with an operator 108.


Procesos MC Perú S.A.

Calle Porta 111, 6th floor, Miraflores. phone # 444-3366 or 444-3324.

Global Service Mastercard , phone # 001 - 636- 7227111.


Canaval y Moreyra 535, San Isidro, phone # 221-2050.

Av. La Encalada 928, Surco, phone #436-1388.


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